Pleasure boats used for drug use and the legal consequences

Pleasure boats used for drug use and the legal consequences

There are a number of possible boats that runners can use to smuggle, import or transport drugs to the country through the water, and the legal consequences of such measures are often extreme. It is important to know the legal consequences of such actions and to recognize when a pleasure boat is used in illegal drug driving.

What is a pleasure boat?

There are several types of boats that a doctor can use to smuggle or import illegal substances in the country. The vehicle is often a little and fast. However, a boat or boat of similar size with luxury accommodation can hold the definition of a pleasure boat. Usually these water vehicles are large enough to drive a significant quality of drugs for sale in the country. The boat owner can have a legitimate sales sale and use the boat in a certain location to avoid suspicion. In addition, the valid owner may have little or no involvement in drug use.

Smuggling Drugs through the pleasure boat

When a drug cartel wants to smuggle a large number of drugs into the country, the organization can use recreational craft. By purchasing the water vehicle in a valid way it is possible to reduce the suspicion, and many of these members may use other techniques to ward attention to the cartel. It is possible that one or more pleasure boats can travel in the same areas for weeks or months without giving suspicions if used during certain seasons or for tourism. Smuggling of drugs is less difficult if the cartel works with an individual or extends the business to a local company using the boat.


If the person driving drugs with a pleasure boat is subjected to the suspicions of the police or faces a situation that leads to a detention, he or she may apply for a penalty fee for the event. The possibility of immunity is usually only if the drug is driven by a drug ring with higher individuals in the drug smuggling and distribution chain. By revealing certain details of the operation, the person may have a chance to reduce possible penalties and counteract the legal consequences of participation in the drug process. Criminal charges are, however, common and can lead to a conviction over time for federal or state bars.

Drug Investigation

Before the person will face legal consequences for a connection to a drug driven by a pleasure boat, local or federal law enforcement may initiate a drug investigation on the matter. The situation may arise through an initial suspicion based on the location and commitment of the pleasure boats. The criminal element can avoid this suspicion through certain activities with the locals, but the police can initiate an investigation if it appears that the recreational craft are in the area longer or when no other is on the spot carrying a pleasure boat. Frequent and temporary trips through water where drugs are known to transfer from one country to another can also kick out a survey.

If the drug ring uses a person as a mule, the drug investigation can not disclose the full operation. As a mule is generally either at the lowest point of the operation or has no awareness of the criminal acts, he or she may need to hire a lawyer to help prove himself innocent in the operation. If the investigation detects a connection to the hearing, the person charged with criminal involvement may be able to mitigate the damage of such charges by giving details of the operation and the accompanying parties.

Rradar Tracking

There are recreational craft available that drug cartels can use which are difficult for radar to track. These vehicles are fast and almost invisible to certain devices to detect when traced. However, technical updates can often and law enforcement may have the opportunity to detect and track the pleasure craft. After determining which boats have a connection, the local law enforcement agency or federal agency may initiate an investigation of the issue. This helps determine who is part of a criminal organization and what parties are only looking for a nice cruise on the water.

Legal assistance with criminal drug costs

The legal consequences for drug driving generally include federal imprisonment and severe fines. The police can seize all drugs and money involved in these situations. If the person is innocent, he or she needs a lawyer to prove this to the courts.

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